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Temple Run 2


Escape the Temple: A Guide to Temple Run 2

Temple Run is a series of endless runner mobile games developed by Imangi Studios. The first game launched in 2011 and quickly became a global phenomenon, praised for its thrilling gameplay and accessible mechanics.

A Dash Through History:

The original Temple Run puts you in the shoes of an explorer who has stolen a cursed idol from an ancient temple. Now, you must outrun demonic monkeys who are hot on your tail! The game's success spawned sequels like Temple Run 2 with new environments, characters, and power-ups. Later entries like Temple Run: Oz and Temple Run: Brave offered themed adventures based on popular franchises.

Graphics on the Temple Run 2:

The Temple Run series features eye-catching 3D graphics. As you race through perilous environments, you'll navigate crumbling temple walls, lush jungles, and rickety mine carts. The visuals are vibrant and keep up with the fast-paced action.

*Keeping it Fresh:

Imangi Studios has released numerous updates for the Temple Run series over the years. These updates introduced new playable characters, power-ups, obstacles, and even entirely new environments to explore. The core gameplay of running, jumping, sliding, and collecting coins remains the same, but the updates ensure a fresh experience for returning players.

Tips for Triumph:

To become a Temple Run 2 master, here are some helpful pointers: Master the Moves: Swiping left and right turns your character, swiping up makes them jump, and swiping down initiates a slide to dodge low obstacles. Practice these moves to become smooth and efficient. Collect Those Coins: Coins are used to purchase upgrades and power-ups. Keep an eye out for them as you run and try to collect as many as possible. Power Up for Success: Power-ups grant you temporary abilities like speed boosts, coin magnets, and shields. Use them strategically to overcome difficult sections or rack up extra points. Know When to Take a Risk:There are gaps and broken bridges along the way. Time your jumps carefully to avoid falling. Sometimes, a risky jump can be more rewarding than playing it safe. Keep Running!: Since it's an endless runner, the goal is to survive for as long as possible. The further you run, the higher your score. Don't get discouraged by early crashes; keep practicing and you'll be dodging demon monkeys like a pro in no time.
With its simple yet addictive gameplay and regular updates, Temple Run remains a popular choice for mobile gamers. So, are you ready to test your reflexes and embark on a heart-pounding adventure? Download Temple Run and start your escape today!


Use the mouse and in-game instructions

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